Our Commitment to Our Customers

At BGUARDED we pride ourselves on completing all of our installations and surveillance work to the highest of standards. Here’s a selection of the feed back we have received…

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Allies Computing Ltd

Allies Computing Ltd – Provide Address Matching and Rapid Addressing applications that deal with incorrect addresses and help when recording addresses over the phone by using the Royal Mail database of 26 million UK addresses. Products range from the economical POSTCODER Lite, to a flexible Application Programmer’s Interface (API) providing POSTCODER facilities within your own application. Affordable pricing, expert and responsive help-line staff, and Royal Mail First Class Supplier Gold Award status make Allies Computing a good choice to provide Rapid Addressing for your business.

In our business we need to use companies and systems we know we can rely on for their expertise and competency in all circumstances. Our offices have been protected by B-Guarded for several years and when we moved to new larger premises recently, it was B-Guarded that were called in once again to provide alarm systems that we knew we could trust.

Kent & Co Solicitors

Kent & Co Solicitors – Repairs to Fire Alarm System – We are very grateful indeed for your assistance in resolving the problems (with the fire alarm) especially on the problematic choas when the alarm initially went off!

Thank you very much for all your assistance.

Reviews from  Norfolk’s Trusted Trader – 4 Private customers

Peter responded very promptly to my call and came out the same day. He explained the tests he carried out. Was very polite and professional. Put no pressure on to pay for an expensive fix to old alarm system.”

“Professional service delivered in a pleasant and helpful manner.”

“Excellent neat and tidy work.”

“Always friendly & customer focused. Happy to explain any & all works.”