Access Control

Controlled Entry into Your Building and Premises

Access control allows you to stop unauthorised entry into your home or work premises, using the latest equipment to give a solution that works for you.

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20160906_174940_resizedAn access control system should simply fit into the way you live. At BGUARDED we can give you advice on a whole range of devices that will minimise the amount of disruption to your daily schedule. These include automated security locks to keep your premises secure.

We know how important it is at this first stage to talk to you in detail about how you want your access control set up. We then prepare a quotation, giving exact details of how the system will operate, for you to sign off. Once the quote is accepted we install the system to our own high standards of workmanship.  


Control Systems

Choosing the appropriate access control system to give access to authorised people is an important part of getting the system right. Some of our most popular devices include:

  • Key Fobs – for easy and instant access, key fobs work on a touch based system and do not require any input from the user. Perfect for frequently used door and garages.
  • Cards – a traditional access control method. This requires users to place a card in a reader to open a doorway or gate. A good choice for businesses with many different access points.
  • Fingerprint Scans – these advanced biometric readers are an excellent solution as they are both convenient and individual. They remove the need for a physical key or card.
  • Numerical Pads – ideal for any situation, a pad will allow access codes to be changed regularly, and supervisors can select different codes for individual


Locking Systems

As part of your access control system BGUARDED will supply you with all the required automatic locking systems to complement your entry devices. This means that even if the power is cut to the unit, the fail safe locks will remain locked, preventing an unauthorised person entering your property.

An Integrated Solution for Your Home or Business

Combine your access control systems with alarms, sirens, CCTV and security lighting to create a complete surveillance system. Perfect for businesses needing to monitor staff activity, clocking in times or warehouse access. For home owners a combined system can protect your family, your home, your grounds and your precious possessions.

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