Monitoring Your Property and Premises

20160112_111111_resizedCCTV is a modern and accurate way of recording moving images in your home, office building or site. By carefully positioning cameras throughout you are given a constant view of what’s happening.

The presence of CCTV cameras can be an effective deterrent to potential intruders looking to gain unauthorised access to your property.

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BGUARDED can build a CCTV system around your specific requirements. Starting with access control equipment and combining it with alarms and monitoring devices, your cameras can be triggered into operation.

Our Process

  • Consultation – in the first instance, we come and talk to you about your needs. This allows us to understand what you are hoping to get from your camera system.
  • Design – the initial consultation will help us decide which set of cameras we will advise you to install. We want you to have the right system, one that gives you good quality results and meets your expectations. The system will come complete with appropriate technical specifications.
  • 20160112_103815_resizedImplementation – we will agree an installation date with you, so we can install all the wiring and camera systems as set out in the design stage.  When the installation is finished your CCTV system will be working correctly, together with any other security technology you have on site.
  • Maintenance –, we can provide you with an ongoing service contract, to check your cameras. This helps prevent any faults and makes sure your cameras are working efficiently.

Electronic Record Keeping

Like to choose where your CCTV archive footage is stored? With internet technology it is now possible to view your camera’s output from a remote location and store your data on dedicated hard-drives.

20160112_100200_resizedIf you want to you can even back up your data to a cloud. We advise keeping your vital records off site in some way, as this will make sure you don’t lose essential recordings in the event of your on site equipment being damaged by fire or intruders.

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